Did aliens land at roswell (SPOILER ALERT!)



Another one for the conspiracy theorists. At the risk of alienating (no pun intended) a sizeable portion of my potential readership, probably not.

It would be exciting to think that visitors from other planets or galaxies or dimensions have been coming to our modest home to keep tabs on us. It might be exciting to think that they have been among us, mingling with our civilisations throughout history either observing us benignly or even, from time to time, giving us a little nudge in the right direction.

The fact that we have not been subjected to a frightening inter-galactic attack as in the Roland Emmerich film ‘Independence day’ can lead us to two possible conclusions:

  • Aliens who visit Earth have only benign intent and are either watching us or have been breeding with earlier forms of humanity (e.g. Neanderthals – ask anyone with red hair) and we are all their descendants
  • Or it’s all cobblers!

While researching the story about Roswell for ‘The October Men’ – at the suggestion of my friend Kathleen Messmer – I found an eyewitness account as written by the daughter of the man who originally found the wreckage of the alien spacecraft. And when I say ‘alien spacecraft’, I mean weather balloon!

Bessie Brazel’s account, submitted as an affidavit to the Fund for UFO Research in the early 1990s, leaves very little room for doubt. She was the daughter of William Brazel who managed a ranch near Corona, New Mexico where the balloon came down. (NB. For the purposes of my fiction, and because the late Mr Brazel never met any characters from my book, I gave him a fictional name.)

Her account means that a lot of people have probably been worked up about nothing and/or making money off a lot of other worked-up and hysterical people.  It is certainly bad for the UFO business. That said, I wasn’t there that day in 1947 either, so her father could have been abducted by aliens and brainwashed into recounting some cock-and-bull story about a stupid weather balloon. Hmm…

Whatever your opinion, I would recommend you read the account given by Bessie which can be found here. http://kevinrandle.blogspot.co.uk/2007/05/bessie-brazel-and-roswell-case.html


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