Are There Visitors from the Future?


That was easy. If there are any visitors from the future then I would like one to come round to my place and tell me the winning lottery numbers for the next draw of the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, El Gordo and US MegaMillions.

Failing that, I’d like to read that some lucky guy or gal has scooped vast sums by winning all of these for themselves.

Hmm? No..? ….. I didn’t think so.

Again, my hat is put on so I can take it off again at Professor Stephen Hawking who had the foresight to throw a party for time travellers. He posted an invitation to the event publically so it was / is there for all and sundry today and tomorrow to read and respond to. Only he posted the invitation after the date of the party.

Good on him, though! The good professor turned up to his party held on June 28th 2009 and… was on his own. The Daily Mail article which reported this sad event has proffered a number of reasons as to why the entire human population of the future didn’t show up (see the attached link):–turned-.html

However, there is always the possibility that time travellers are:

  • Shy and introverted and don’t like socialising
  • Apathetic

Therefore, I would like to confirm that my novel ‘The October Men’ which explores the evidence for time travel is a fib.

Or is it?

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