Hindsight Can be Deadly

When the truth slips out, human existence itself comes under threat.

Otto Parsons, a brilliant young Oxford physicist, is missing.

Otto's disappearance is the first link in a chain of events, which tie together monumental historic moments including the sale of a lost van Gogh painting, the discovery of rare film footage of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the discovery of a hoard of rare art treasures in a French cave, and the murder of a financial advisor in the Cayman Islands.



The October Men is the striking new novel from David Impey that will challenge the conventions of story-telling. It is written in a 'mosaic' style - a series of short vignettes that gradually come together to reveal a much more troubling story.

If you enjoy thrillers by John le Carré and Colin Dexter, or stimulating science fiction by John Wyndham, then The October Men is the novel you must read in 2018.

‘The October Men’ will have you question everything you think you know


Where has Otto Parsons gone? Who is the Sniper in the forest? Who is the stranger in the Provencal village? Download the sample and begin the journey.



This is a brilliant book. It’s intelligent, slick, constantly surprising and a real page-turner. The complex plot is handled deftly and the pacey dialogue moves the reader along at a great lick. I discovered a lot about history - but was I learning the truth? Was I, as reader, in control of my responses or was the author as much in charge of me as of his characters? If you’re a thriller fan, love intrigue and a provocative storyline, The October Men is the book for you. 

Jane Robinson  /  Author of 'Bluestockings' and 'Hearts and Minds'


A clever and intriguing read. Having inadvertently invented a time machine, advantage starts to be taken of events in human history. Disappearances of members of the team involved, and the arrival of UK and US special services ramp up the intrigue. The plot unravels slowly and carefully, with short chapters aiding the narrative structure, and making this hard to put down. Really enjoyed it.

Lucy Williams /  Reviewer


Every so often a book comes along that defies all expectations I may have and delivers a really rather good read that I wasn't quite expecting. This was one of those books and I am so glad that I took a gamble on it given that it is way outside my usual reading comfort zone.

It's a completely new and very novel story to me but then I am not over familiar with the genre so I guess it would be.

Characterisation was also interesting for me as there was a vast cast of extras, some real historic characters, who only had small, albeit crucial, parts to play. The main players were all well defined and, within their roles, cast to perfection.

Some of the side stories and dips into the past were absolutely fascinating and added much interest and intrigue to the rest of the narrative as it played out in the present. It definitely gave a different spin on some of the more well known incidents as it delved through the historic annuls!

All in all, a very different book for me but one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Kath Brinck / Reader


The author begins an intricate and mesmerizing story during the early days of WWI with a company of soliders moving up to the front lines. He then goes forward describing other seemingly non-related events including the later attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941. The novel goes on describing other events and bringing into the picture a young Oxford physicist Otto Parsons who has been conducting experiments in quantum physics attempting to create zero gravity without going into space. His work yields unexpected results which serve to tie together the vaiorus events described in the story. A very intersting plot and a narrative that will capture and keep the reader's attention.

Paul Lane /  Librarian


Time travel, the stock market and spies are good subjects for novels. Add them all together and you have the makings of a good plot. Thoroughly research - and providing interesting insights - this fast-paced, tightly written and gripping. The plot is far from linear and kept me guessing until the book's conclusion. A recommended read. 

David Salisbury / Reader


I devoured this book. It's not a small book but it is thrilling and intriguing. A genuine page-turner rather than just a description for a book you read and 'kind of enjoyed'. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter and the way it all pulled together at the end was very clever. I like to read thrilling books that keep me guessing. I'm getting more and more fascinated by certain periods of history, such as the World Wars as well, so this element really piqued my interest, and the way the different times, places and characters overlapped was fascinating. A great debut novel written by someone who you'd think had already published a great number of books.

Helen Lewis / Reader

David Impey

This is the first full-length novel by David Impey. He originally graduated in Chemistry and, afterwards, worked in high-tech industry either on the marketing/commercial side or in advertising. 

David has helped write campaigns with a heavy emphasis on demystifying supposedly obscure areas of science that affect everybody on a day-to-day basis and has won several awards for his work

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